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 The Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation has been set up to provide environmentally sustainable rehabilitation of the mined out land for future generations of Nauruan people

Welcome to the official website for the Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation (NRC), a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament in July 1997 and which came into being in May 1999. The website is being launched today the 31st day of January 2010, on the 42nd anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Nauru. It also happens that we're in the 10th year of the establishment of the Corporation.

The objectives and functions of the NRC are elaborated in the Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation Act 1997 but in short NRC is the authority for implementing, initiating and coordinating Nauru government policy with regard to the rehabilitation and development of the worked-out phosphate lands of Nauru, and performing and promoting activities in conjunction with Australia in furtherance of the policies and objects of the Nauru Australia Compact Of Settlement Treaty signed in 1993 and the Rehabilitation and Development Cooperation Agreement signed in 1994 between the Government of Australia and the Government of Nauru settling the issue of restoring land mined prior to the independence of Nauru.

A lot of work has gone into planning and testing of methods of rehabilitating the mined out phosphate land over the last ten years which concluded with the adoption of the Final Feasibility Study in August 2006 followed by the procurement of heavy mining machines in 2007 and 2008 financial years.

The mining of primary phosphate was sub-contracted to NRC in July2007 as an economic measure by eliminating the need to run two separate operation using the same machineries and similar number of operators and labourers. This was reinforced by the fact that the remaining area of un-mined land is small so there was no justification in capital spending for Ronphos whereas NRC was gearing up for its operation.

With the arrival of mining equipment and support vehicles implementation of rehabilitation work program commenced on a site that is designated as Pit#6 in April 2009.    

NRC’s Vision and Mission statement best sums up who are we, what we are here for and how we will deliver the tasks assigned to us.

With my best wishes


Vinci N Clodumar

31 January 2010



Former CEO - Vinci Clodumar 


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